Recycling - Destilling

Functional principle The contaminated solvents are heated and evaporated in a stainless steel vessel. The uniform heating is carried out by a jacket of water (or steam) heated by one or more heating resistors. A control thermostat and a microprocessor controlled timing control the distillation and condensation. The solvent or water vapor passes through the vapor collection tube into the chilling block and condenses here. The distillate is collected in a container and can be reused immediately. The distillation residues (pigments, resins, oils) remain in the kettle (foil pouch) and can be easily removed after completion of the distillation. Areas of application:

- Pharmaceutical industry, - Car paint shops, - Automotive industry, - Chemical industry, - Printers, - Electronics industry, - Paint and varnish industry, - Graphic industry, - Industrial paint shops, - Cosmetics industry, - Plastic industry, - Metal industry and mechanical engineering, - furniture industry, - textile industry, - optical industry, etc